Why I chose atheism.

I just realized people are ignorant and they don’t even feel the need to research about the stuff they’re gonna vomit on different social platforms

And my belief was hurt today, well my lack of belief actually

I’m the last person it should bother cause I make very disrespectful jokes, time and again, about different religions

But it’s about the weird thing they practice. Most people think that I’m a satan worshiper. No, I’m not. I don’t believe in your sky daddy or daddies and mommies or ground troll

I just believe that we came into being through the only logical reason – evolution.
That’s not foolproof but the theory that a god made you in his image and everything has been just the same since the first day is absurd

Things have evolved and will keep on evolving.. its NATURE which your god didn’t make

No religion knew about the existence of DINOSAURS.. like wow your god forgot to mention the biggest, most terrifying and interesting thing he made in every book

Is there any person alive who doesn’t mention their masterpiece in their own book?

Why so humble, god?

Or let’s take a better guess
Maybe you didn’t do any of this cause you don’t exist
Okay that was just needless but the problem here is people think we’re immoral

Excuse me?

Are atheists members of any terrorist organization?

Do we kill people for their sexual orientation?

Belief in a different sky daddy?

Or food habits?
I think we people are more empathetic and morally sound because we see you as humans and we don’t associate you with a god.. like why would we? What does your god tell about you? IDK..

Osama Bin Laden and APJ Abdul Kalam came from the same religion

Kalam sahab was a vegetarian.
It tells nothing about you and I don’t feel the need to know about your religion

But the fun part is my parents.. my liberal atheist parents

Fucking idiots, I tell you

They decided let’s teach our child every fucking religion because we don’t know what she’ll like and boom

They told me stories from Mahabharat, Genesis, Quran, Jataka Tales

And I was like awesome stories

Fiction rocks
I didn’t believe that these stories were meant to be worshipped so I didn’t buy it.. neither did my brother

Because any normal person from my POV won’t
But then I got internet connection and I met stupidest human specimens

Who won’t respect others beliefs nor mine lack of belief
You know, the thing that made you believe that every other god except yours is fake made me believe that all gods are fake
My dad told me to respect every religion.. he did his best to teach me all he knew about every religion.. and told me that just cause people are stupid that doesn’t mean they’re not human. Its humanity first, treat them as humans. I believe I have more empathy and morals than most religious people out there cause unlike them I actually read about their religion.

And I don’t do good things for rewards or avoid doing anybody harm just so I don’t get punishment.

I do what’s right cause it feels nice not being an asshole.


I try.

“Why does this feeling of being homesick doesn’t leave me when I run into his arms?”

“Cause maybe you’re destined to be where sunflowers bloom, moon’s always full, where sun rays and starlight mix
Do you feel that way around him?”

“No, its a bit complicated..”

“..He makes you feel incomplete without saying so
He forgets
You taste blood in your mouth often
Very often
You swallow your pride and tears
And love him out of fear..”

“..Fear of what?”

“Being alone. You’d rather corrode yourself than seek peace inside of you”

“How do you know”

The reflection smiled with tears in her eyes and whispered “I try”

Sunset and Sunrise

We meet everyday but not quite
We meet when sun kisses the moon goodbye
When moon leaves the sun without a fight
When the stars just begin to shower their light
When they quickly hide beneath the layers of sky
when people are too busy in their lives
When people have dreams in their eyes
When darkness let goes of the light
When day finally runs into the night.
Everyday, we run out of time
But we still come, we never disappoint
We meet everyday but not quite

We meet at sunset and sunrise.

Piling grave

It was true love
No one could deny it
Hundreds of Miles between them
Still there was no doubt about it
Every Sunday she’ll receive a bouquet of roses from him
He wanted her to have them
He wanted her to feel like a princess
Her neighbours were not lucky enough
They never got more than a glimpse of it
Winds never swept her roses away
No matter if the roses were dead or dying
None of them escaped
Layers and layers of foul smelling deadroses lay on top of her
And no one would clean it
They’ll tell stories about how she will haunt them if they did
No one knew the story
No one knew the mystery of the piling grave
Like always they were arguing
His infidelity and her love kept colliding
Again a friend of hers texted her a picture of him with this new girl
And again she pretended to not believe but still confronted him that night
He told her he was tired of her and would ask nothing but her to leave
She said she still believes he cares his love proved otherwise
She looked him in his eyes through the veil of tears
She could not see the guy she believed was there
She couldn’t unhear that laugh, those words
So she opened his locker and pulled out his gun
Placed it between her eyes and said ‘here! I’m leaving’
She was counting her breaths
Feeling herself shiver
And before she knew it
He pulled the trigger
They called it suicide
We know it wasn’t like that
They still talk about their love
And how their love is the force holding those dead petals to the grave
But she’s actually collecting them to prove his innocence
She’s still collecting proofs for her friends to show that he actually cares
He’s the new age romeo

Those roses are the symbol
of his undying love.
The piling grave is the symbol
of his undying love.
While she pretends that
sunflowers aren’t her favorite.

You shouldn’t think too much.

Since this is my first post I’d like to keep it short and simple.
I actually wanted to share a story with you people.

Here it goes..

Once upon a time, a country, whose name started with letter ‘I’ was going through the struggle of a lifetime. Suddenly a prosperous country seemed to have become a banana republic and then rose a leader, a politician and a skilful orator whose surname started with the letter ‘M’. He had oratory skill so beautiful and powerful that he convinced people, more appropriately, hypnotized people to lend him support.

He knew ways of people, the likes and dislikes. He used to glorify his overpopulated country in a way no leader ever did. He was also known to talk about his military achievements to divert the attention of the masses from the real world problems. He kind of hated a particular sect of people, but it was a trend.. so we can say that he followed the trend and was up to date. He was kind of linked with the political set-up but had no blood relation with any politician, big or small. He was quite appreciated by his people but other countries did show some displeasure. But who cares? Some people from his own country actually cared and had some objections. Communists rose up and they were crushed. No specific reason. The government not only needs support but money and their party’s greatest supporters were businessmen. How could the leader ‘M’ allow communism to gain ground? So they were stopped at the very beginning. No harm done.

Also the greatest supporters of this party were called brown..


You heard(read) me.

The dictator M was killed along with his wife by some of his own soldiers because he plunged them into the war. The second world war.

I just spoke about history of a country whose name starts with letter I – Italy

About the dictator whose surname starts with the letter M – Mussolini

Wait wait wait..

Did you just..?


Anti national.

Also your parents won’t like the fact that you slept through your history lessons.

Keep it between us.


– Nabiha.